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Front Lawn by MiningForDegus Front Lawn :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 1 0 Ghost by MiningForDegus Ghost :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 5 Ghost Tree by MiningForDegus Ghost Tree :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 0 Water World Cobblestones by MiningForDegus Water World Cobblestones :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 1 0 Heart Design by MiningForDegus Heart Design :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 1 2 Nether Necromancy Circle by MiningForDegus Nether Necromancy Circle :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 1 0 Wild Mountain by MiningForDegus Wild Mountain :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 2 Gears by MiningForDegus Gears :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 2
Shamanic Apprentice Ch. 1 + 2
 I opened my eyes.
 “What was that?” I asked the head shaman.
 “You had a trip,” he replied. “You did surprisingly well. Most people aren’t compatible with the drug.”
 “Did all of that really happen?” I asked, incredulous.
 “Yes. It probably seems unbelievable to you, but that’s what everyone thinks their first time. Could you tell me exactly what you saw?” he asked.
 I closed my eyes, reliving the experience. “I felt like my brain was turning into jelly, then I started seeing shapes in the air. Everything started turning pink, then my perception flipped or something.”
 “That’s you seeing your aura,” the shaman explained to me. “But go on.”
 “I felt like I was looking inside myself, then I started shrinking. I passed through an opening of some kind and exited. All that I could see were glowing shapes and creatures. I felt like I
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Pixel castle by MiningForDegus Pixel castle :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 0 Grid pattern by MiningForDegus Grid pattern :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 0
Trudge, trudge. Boots hit the ground and dug into the cold earth. A figure climbed slowly up the side of the mountain with grim determination, holding his coat as close to him as possible, as the chilling wind blasted around him, swirling snow in circles. He continued climbing and the steepness of the ground lessened, revealing a log cabin ahead of him. He had climbed this mountain because he wanted to test himself, to see how long he could survive. He grunted in satisfaction, his breath freezing in front of his face. This would be a good place to spend a few nights.
Steve opened the doors and walked in, closing them behind him quickly as the cold forced itself in. He sat down on an old couch and deposited his backpack beside him, looking around him. It hadn’t changed that much since he’d last found it years ago. The pictures were still there, and the furniture was in good condition. He rubbed his hands together as he thought of what he would do next. The best move would pr
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Character sketches by MiningForDegus Character sketches :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 0 My Desktop V by MiningForDegus My Desktop V :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 2 Ourobouros by MiningForDegus Ourobouros :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 0 Sunflower by MiningForDegus Sunflower :iconminingfordegus:MiningForDegus 0 0
Doing all kinds of random art

I have a lot more scraps than deviations, and some of them are actually art.

Should I move the screenshots out of devs or not?

Here is where I'll be posting my stuff. Or at least the stuff I get to posting. Also stuff in scraps.


Witch Mirabel Fairfax, by DanteWontDie by SepulcherGeist Witch Mirabel Fairfax, by DanteWontDie :iconsepulchergeist:SepulcherGeist 17 0 D.VA! by GUWEIZ D.VA! :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 11,580 295 .: Bl00d / by Pxiinku
Mature content
.: Bl00d / :iconpxiinku:Pxiinku 15 0
Huggles Snuggles by languyenngocthao Huggles Snuggles :iconlanguyenngocthao:languyenngocthao 42 1 Commission for Marcus D on Spotify! by ohhLenai Commission for Marcus D on Spotify! :iconohhlenai:ohhLenai 26 1 It's all in the waists by Estyy It's all in the waists :iconestyy:Estyy 97 17 Samurai idol duo by Estyy Samurai idol duo :iconestyy:Estyy 112 6 Phib business card anime north 2017 by Phibonnachee Phib business card anime north 2017 :iconphibonnachee:Phibonnachee 56 8 2B by Koyorin 2B :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 2,781 33 Marina by RilexLenov Marina :iconrilexlenov:RilexLenov 290 15 COM: xKito by enzouke COM: xKito :iconenzouke:enzouke 366 51 Jojo's Bizarre Fantasy II - Kars battle by Nikunja Jojo's Bizarre Fantasy II - Kars battle :iconnikunja:Nikunja 153 6 Commission May and 18 by HowXu Commission May and 18 :iconhowxu:HowXu 237 6 Trigger by wlop Trigger :iconwlop:wlop 15,285 212 Anime eyes are the best | ENM by moxie2D Anime eyes are the best | ENM :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 908 22
I just like faving a lot of art and I keep tem in different folders so I can go back on them and see the ones I missed (most) later :3

I like your art, but I just don't have the concentration or the time to go into detail with each one :meow:



I rediscovered Deviantart after being busy for several months, and I'm writing this during the busiest part of my semester for some reason. I've been too caught up with college to even get back to Tapastic, and I've been inactive here for a long time. I should tell you that I will continue to be inactive, and I won't be getting back on board with Deviantart for a very long time. Besides hearing about Deviantart's taking advantage of their right to use artists' work to sell it without their permission whenever they need some money, I've just moved away from it over time. I probably won't have enough time to spend hours on Deviantart or Tapastic after college, because I've got to get a career started as soon as possible and I'll be in debt until I do. I'm not even sure what I'd do in the long term if I actually came back after all this. This is goodbye for the foreseeable future.


░█▀▄▀█ ─▀─ █▀▀▄ ─▀─ █▀▀▄ █▀▀▀ ░█▀▀▀ █▀▀█ █▀▀█ ░█▀▀▄ █▀▀ █▀▀▀ █──█ █▀▀
░█░█░█ ▀█▀ █──█ ▀█▀ █──█ █─▀█ ░█▀▀▀ █──█ █▄▄▀ ░█─░█ █▀▀ █─▀█ █──█ ▀▀█
░█──░█ ▀▀▀ ▀──▀ ▀▀▀ ▀──▀ ▀▀▀▀ ░█─── ▀▀▀▀ ▀─▀▀ ░█▄▄▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀ ─▀▀▀ ▀▀▀

Made with TArty

Animes I'm currently watching:…

Mangas I'm currently reading:
Rin (On hold)
Maga Tsuki (On hold)

Aspiring philomath

Will clear this up eventually

Edit: slowly cutting down on the stuff in this description, cause most of it is random stuff that isn't important anymore or is just annoying

50% done 14Jn'15 <-- o-o holy heck, that is old

Checklist of things to do:
- Follow up on formatting page and profile pages - in progress
- Get a decent Blender tutorial and watch it - done, now trying to do intermediate stuff and actually start animating
- Create a Minecraft animation test and upload a link of it here - not done yet
- Format YouTube channel - not yet, uploading and organizing content first
- Work on manga/anime drawing and upload some to deviantart - working on drawing people first
- Upload some of Art class work to deviantart - if I ever do this, it'll be after going through everything else first
- Upload all unused and unuploaded artworks to deviantart (there are still ones from 2013) - later maybe
- Draw with piq again - I might get into pixel art again eventually
- Work on new user profile/profile image/theme - nope, not yet, and I'm not even premium

I'm answering everyone's comments and replies right now, but anything older than when I started will remain forgotten. Sorry. 14/7/2015

Old stuff:

Problems with watching too many people:
-Not enough time to look at all their art
-Forget people that aren't on the front page
-Watch someone and forget why


This ID sucks and is nothing but a collection of text compared to other deviants' :dummy:

Although now, it's undergoing a cleaning. And other things are too. 24/1/2014


I play on a few Minecraft servers. They are:

Skyfactory 2 server (often too laggy for me now):

Home Server, rarely go on anymore (Minigames server with spleef)

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Created on Thursday June 27 (A long time ago)
(A really long time ago)

... :D


My osu! stats: my (inactive) blog


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